Design beautiful gift cards connected to trees.

Design beautiful gift cards

connected to trees

A TreeCard is a post card (7*5 inch) that can be fully customised in line with your branding guidelines. The only thing EcoMatcher adds is a QR code. Once that QR code is scanned, the TreeCard recipient will be able to track his or her adopted tree(s). You can opt to download the TreeCards as a PDF and print the TreeCards by yourselves, or we can do that for you with bespoken printing partners. As a TreeCard is light weight, you can also opt to send the TreeCard by regular post.

Step by step

1. Enter your company information

In this step you can enter all your brand details, like company logo, website address, and social media accounts that will be linked to the trees and will be visible in TreeTracker.

2. Design your TreeCard!

Download our TreeCard template and bring on your own design. We will only add a QR Code to your design that will link your TreeCard to trees.

3. Get your TreeCards!

After you finish your TreeCard design and decide on the number of TreeCards you want to get, EcoMatcher will check carefully that your design is correct and will provide the TreeCards in PDF.