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Founder Charles Batte is a 27-year-old social entrepreneur from Kamwokya; one of the most impoverished slums in Uganda. Growing up in an environment characterized by lack of opportunity, poverty, crime, drugs and poor health, he harnessed a spirit of social responsibility and a desire to give back to his community.


In 2012 he won the World Merit, Your Big Year global social entrepreneurship competition out of over 60,000 contestants from 221 countries. He took a gap year volunteering in over 20 countries with social entrepreneurs on Social responsibility projects. In 2013 he was named Global Laureate Fellow by the International Youth Foundation.


TAU has worked with 835 individual households on Sustainable land Management approaches and planted over 100,000 trees with communities in Uganda – 5,000 of these trees have been mapped by GPS coordinates. We have trained 2,500 young people on variable aspects of environmental conservation ranging from setting up tree nurseries, grafting, pruning, propagation, human and nature interactions.


Interview with Charles Batte, Partner of TAU

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