1. EcoMatcher uses technologies to ensure the emails arrive in the “inbox”, and not in “spam” or “junk”.
  2. The subject title of the email is dynamic and can be made more personal (e.g. “A thank you tree from [company name] for [name]”) so the recipient will be more inclined to open and read the email.
  3. We recommend keeping the content of the email short, simple and to the point. A template will be provided as a guide. Studies have shown that such emails have a higher click through rate compared to traditional newsletters with pictures, lots of text, etc.
  4. Even if some will not open the email, a number of recipients will and share the experience through social media. As such, your company will still be marketed and may result in new clients!

We are located in the heart of Asia (Hong Kong) and as such we may be able to help you with product requests. Please contact us for options.

EcoMatcher believes that only through bigger partnerships we are able to grow faster and better able to help cause foundations so that they can increase their impact. Please contact us.

EcoMatcher has developed a vetting process helping to ensure that the cause foundations are genuine. EcoMatcher realizes that the quality of the cause foundations is one of the key pillars of success.

We have defined some criteria guidelines for accepting cause foundations to the EcoMatcher platform:

  • Your organization must be active in sustainability causes. This can be tree planting, animal conservation, ocean cleaning, solar panel and wind projects, etc.
  • A track record of at least 3 years is required.
  • You must be able to make your cause available in ‘cause units’ such as a newly planted tree or one-year support for an orangutan. We can help and advise you how to do that.
  • Cause units need to have Global Positioning System (GPS) location data in order to fully make use of EcoMatcher’s ‘Cause Tracker’ web application. Providing this transparency helps to increase funding! We can help and advise you how to do that.
  • How many ‘cause units’ would you be able to offer? We would need this to understand how ‘scalable’ your business is.
  • In order to fully make use of the platform, we will need some digital media from your organization such as high-resolution logos, photos and videos.


If you would you like to be listed with your cause, please contact us at: contact@ecomatcher.com.

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