“We cannot save the world  by

ourselves. It is a big team effort.”

Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Why EcoMatcher?

Business Opportunities

More and more companies are starting to realize that climate change and sustainability is a business opportunity, not a burden. Customers and employees are demanding for action. Companies however, need trustworthy partners that offer transparent sustainability solutions.

Welcome to EcoMatcher

Through EcoMatcher, companies can adopt trees, use them in innovative ways and improve their businesses. For example, companies can use the EcoMatcher platform to gift trees they adopt on behalf of the customers, or adopt a whole forest and distribute the trees to each of their employees, or gift trees as a reward for finalizing a survey. The possibilities are endless.

So how we do that?

We partner with vetted foundations from around the world that specialize in tree planting. Through our platform, you have access to information about every tree you adopt, and you can tap on cool digital technologies to make the best use of the trees you have adopted. We cannot change the world by ourselves, however with a bigger team effort we can make a difference, while improving our businesses at the same time.

Our Team

Bas Fransen

After graduating from Delft University of Technology and after his time as officer of the Royal Dutch Navy, Bas had executive roles with Philips CE, Philips Semiconductors, IBM Technology and ASML before he started his startup career. Bas has been in Asia for over 20 years and lived in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore before he moved to Hong Kong.

Alvin Junianto Lan
Technical Director

Despite Alvin’s young age, he has already built up an impressive track record in developing software and start-ups in Indonesia. From Bandung’s famous Institute of Technology (ITB), Alvin is EcoMatcher’s Technical Director.

Jovian Christianto
Software Engineer

Jovian is software engineer of EcoMatcher. He has a strong background in web application and system design. Jovian graduated from Bandung’s famous Institute of Technology (ITB).

Ripa Lim
Chief Carbon Officer

From studying sciences at King’s College London and Imperial, to her work as a television and multimedia producer for broadcasters, multinationals and NGOs, Ripa brings a blend of perspectives. She is now completing her Master’s at HKU in environmental governance, which she will use to catalyse sustainability solutions.


Advisory Board

Herman Wijffels

Herman Wijffels, Dutch economist and former CEO of Rabobank, is a widely recognized authority on sustainability, business and governance. He worked between 1981 and 1999 at the Rabobank, ultimately as CEO....

From 1999 – 2006 he was chairman of the Dutch Social-Economic Council, an independent and influential advisory body of the government. From 2006 to 2008 Herman Wijffels was director and Dutch representative at the World Bank in Washington. Between 2006-2007 he lead the negotiations between the political parties to create a new Dutch government. From 2009 to 2016 Herman Wijffels was professor ‘Sustainability and Societal Change’ at Utrecht University.

He chaired and led several innovative initiatives and committees, including the World Connectors and the Sustainable Finance Lab, to reform the banking sector. Some of those initiatives are carrying his name, such as the Herman Wijffels Innovation price.

Margaret Burnett

Currently, the Programme Director and Lecturer, Corporate Environmental Governance Programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong.​ Margaret has 25+ years in the field of sustainability...and a proven track record helping clients integrate sustainability into core organizational decision-making processes and culture. Working in partnership with organizations to build internal capacity to align their purpose with the need for environmental stewardship, community responsibility while achieving commercial success.

Margaret has lectured at Baptist University on business ethics and corporate social responsibility, has developed and delivered sustainability leadership training modules for a ​large MNC, and partnered with International NGO Earthwatch to deliver experiential learning for leadership learning.  She is often a guest speaker, and partners with organizations in Hong Kong to provide support to their in-house Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development initiatives, including companies like Gammon, ACML, Towngas, Shangri-La Hotels Asia, AAHK, Sino Group, MTR corp., among others.

Wander Meijer

Wander is an all-round senior executive in the consultancy industry with 25+ years’ business and management experience in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. With a passion for social development and sustainability..., he is involved in advisory functions for strategy, business development and management.

Wander is Director for GlobeScan and responsible for the operations and business of the company in Asia Pacific. GlobeScan is an international research consultancy, which was established in 1987. GlobeScan measures, understands and helps building valuable relationships of it clients with their stakeholders, and to work collaboratively in delivering a sustainable and equitable future.

Next to working for GlobeScan, Wander is a Board Member, Advisor and/or Impact Investor of several organizations such as Musoni Kenya, WakaWaka Light, OnePlanetCrowd and EcoMatcher.

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