Integrating tree-planting

into your business

Innovative ways to become more sustainable

What does EcoMatcher do

 We plant trees and forests with foundations we vet
 We know everything of every tree planted, incl. the farmer
 You can virtually travel to every tree and learn more
We offer a platform to integrate tree-planting into your business

What you can do with EcoMatcher

Give meaningful gifts

Give customers trees you plant on behalf of them

Give unique

Use trees for reward and loyalty programs

Engage your

Give each employee a tree of the company’s forest

Offset your

Offset your negative impact with trees

Short Introduction

How it works

Your trees are in
good hands

EcoMatcher partners with foundations from around the world specialised in tree planting. These organisations have been carefully selected and vetted by us.


EcoMatcher provides those organizations funding and financing to increase their impact, technologies to improve their operation and a platform to market themselves globally.

Our clients love what we do

You will be in good company

Ready to Become More Sustainable?

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